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A beautiful lawn just does not happen all on its own. It requires the care of licensed experts to make sure it thrives all year long. We are proudly licensed, certified, and thoroughly trained to guarantee that you receive lawn care and maintenance that you deserve. We know all about the soil and climate, which helps us, offer premium lawn care solutions to all our clients.

County Irrigation offers complete solutions for your entire sprinkler and irrigation system needs and requirements. Whether you need a new system installed, or just want your old system repaired, we have you covered! We specialize in engineering state-of-the-art water cognizant pump irrigation systems. We employ industry established technologies by maintaining reliability as well as the water economy.

Our team is well-versed when it comes to the latest equipment along with installation techniques that guarantee a water-efficient system. We are really concerned when it comes to saving water, and we are playing our part by designing and providing a lawn sprinkler system that offers fantastic coverage for your grass while using as little water as possible.

County Irrigation has a solid experience of 40 years in sprinklers and irrigation industry. This makes us the experts when it comes to installation, service, and repair of lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems. We must offer this expertise to our customers promptly and with the utmost dignity and courtesy. Our ultimate goal at County Irrigation is to provide value to the end-users with an excellent product and unmatched customer service.

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If you want more information about the services we have to offer or just want to discuss your plans along with parameters of your landscape with our team of experts, feel free to contact us. For the past three years, we have maintained a strong reputation as one of the premier lawn keep services!

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