Mosquito Repellent Sprinkler System - Installation/Repair and Spraying Service

County Irrigation is an expert when it comes to pest control. We use your irrigation systems in order to repel and kill all biting insects and pests within both commercial as well as residential properties. Our one hundred percent natural Mosquito Sprinkler System helps clients eliminate any mosquitoes, no matter where they hide.

We make use of highly advanced spray concentrate system which has tested to be safe for your pets, family, along with the environment. This same formula can be used to repel pests other than mosquitoes such as ticks, fire ants, and palmetto bugs, to name a few.

So How Does the Mosquito Sprinkler System Work?

The system is attached to your irrigation system, which then uses it to disperse organic spray concentrate at proper intervals across the yard automatically. The formula our team uses in this system has been laboratory tested and has proven to be very useful in both killings as well as repelling not only mosquitoes in all stages but also several other pests too.

The mosquito repellent is injected into the water stream using a high-pressure pump, which then lets it spread evenly throughout the lawn and plants. This system can be set up so as to run as per your needs, or can also be preset to a specific schedule every week. The formula used in it is 100% organic and green and also helps to control the Zika Virus.

Fertilize Your Garden and Kill Pests at the Same Time

Through our service, you will also be able to dispense liquid fertilizer to your lawn. This is one of the most excellent ways through which you can fertilize your garden as it offers full coverage to you. Moreover, it has been proven that not only is liquid fertilizer environment friendly, but it is also more effective than any other method of fertilization as it saves both time as well as money.

Repel Deer through Our Mosquito Sprinkler System

The system provided by County Irrigation is also great when it comes to repelling deer from entering your property. It helps to keep your lawns and gardens lush with green vegetation by using our safe and secure to use the system. You can just set it and let it do its work! The natural ingredients that are used in the concentrate are 100% verified to keep deer off your property. Do not worry; however, this mosquito repellent is not at all harmful to the deer or your lawn!

Our Service Areas

We are based in Uniondale and serve across Nassau County and its adjacent areas in New York City.

Are You Ready for A Free Estimate?

If you want more information about the service, we have to offer or just want to discuss your plans along with parameters of your landscape with our team of experts, feel free to contact us. For the past three years, we have maintained a strong reputation as one of the premier lawn keep services!




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