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If you are experiencing leaks, water runoff, or just about any other kind of problem with your sprinklers, turn to our team who knows the best! County Irrigation is one of the leading companies when it comes to providing effective irrigation services. We have taken lawn sprinklers to a whole new level by developing some of the most efficient methods to help you maintain your lawns!




County Irrigation specializes in helping you maintain your beautiful landscapes through our contemporary lawn sprinkler service. So, how do we make this possible? Our team of experts carefully design, build, and install lawn sprinklers in both residential and commercial properties in Nassau County to deliver just the right amount of moisture to keep your laws green!

From backyards to ballparks, our specialists offer sprinkler options that cover the full spectrum of landscapes in order to turn just about any property to an oasis.

Why Do You Need Automatic Sprinklers?

To maintain your house, you must pay constant attention to it, and one of the tasks which consume most of our time is landscaping, leaving you with very little free time to enjoy your days off. Even though you can hire lawn care professionals to take care of this, getting help from a company offering lawn sprinkler service is also a good idea! So instead of taking time out to drag your hose out and watering the lawn, just let the sprinklers do their work while you sit and relax!

Not only does this save you time, but automatic lawn sprinklers can save you much money as well! This is ensured because these sprinklers start watering at the right time and use the correct amount to offer maximum benefit to you!

By getting automatic lawn sprinklers installed, you can:

  1. Save Water

  2. Save Time

  3. Save Money

How Can We Help?

From the winter hibernation to spring cleaning, our lawn care specialists ensure that these sprinklers work all year round! As your irrigation system is mostly out of your sight, it also goes out of mind as well. This can cause unnecessary issues and lead to repair expenses. We are here to ensure you do not have to face any such situation!  

We base all out services of our core values that are expressed in the acronym ‘C.A.R.E.’ The full form of which is Customers, Attitude, Respect, and Enjoyment. Our ground care experts highly experienced, trained, and professional. We value all our clients and are committed to offering advanced landscaping services which have been designed to keep their lawns beautiful throughout the year!

Why Choose County Irrigation?

Whether you are looking for irrigation services for commercial or residential purposes, we can help you out! Your landscape not only adds to the beauty of your property, but it also acts as a smart investment plan to boost the value of your property. Therefore, it is imperative to keep it green and growing. The lawn sprinkler service we offer has a system that is tailored as per your needs to make the overall process as simple as possible.

Our team of specialists will:

  1. Install the lawn sprinklers quickly without damaging your landscape

  2. Discuss with you all your irrigation needs that include all key landscape features

  3. Schedule service appointments as per your convenience

  4. Offer a precise estimate that fits your overall budget    

After we are done with the initial discussion, we design your system keeping the following factors in mind:

  1. The size of the lawn

  2. The shape of the lawn

  3. The type of lawn

All the lawn sprinkler systems we design are sustainable and have been created in order to lower the amount of water runoff while incorporating exceptional drainage and maximize water retention. All of them are useful, contemporary, as well as eco-friendly.  

Let us use our ability to craft amazing customized watering plans for you. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch your lush green lawn become the envy of your neighbors!

Exceptional Lawn Sprinkler Service from the Beginning to the End

Over the past three years, we have been in service; County Irrigation has installed some of the most reliable and effective watering equipment. This is what we are known for, along with excellent customer care, close attention to detail, and dependable services. This is the winning combination that keeps clients coming back to keep their landscape flourishing for the years to come! We can move to Nassau County and will be available at your service as soon as an appointment is fixed!

Are You Ready for A Free Estimate?

If you want more information about the lawn sprinkler service we have to offer or just want to discuss your plans along with parameters of your landscape with our team of experts, feel free to contact us. For the past three years, we have maintained a strong reputation as one of the premier lawn keep services!

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