Lawn Sprinkler Repair/Upgrade

County Irrigation has been proudly serving clients for the past three years. We have been able to gain the trust of our local community through consistent hard work and providing professional services through a team of irrigation specialists. Our team is 100% dedicated to providing unparalleled lawn sprinkler system repair services.

The experts working with Count Irrigation have the expertise, resources, as well as the experience to accommodate all your commercial and residential irrigation needs. We also use efficient systems that have been specially designed for the conservation of water. These systems save you a lot of money, provide a smooth and stress-free experience for several years to come.

If you have been searching for an honest and experienced company for all your irrigation needs, you have come to the right place!

Why Should You Get a Lawn Sprinkler Maintenance Check Done Today?

Even though sprinkler systems are relatively low maintenance, periodic servicing is needed to help them work effectively for a more extended time period. Leaks, pipe breaks, and seasonal maintenance should be taken care of when it comes to lawn sprinklers. As a home or business owner, it can be tricky for you to identify if your sprinkler needs servicing. We at County Irrigation are here to help you out! Our landscaping professionals weigh in on what needs to be done in order to ensure the system works appropriately, saving you from a hefty expense later down the road.

Standard Lawn Sprinkler System Repair Solutions

Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads consist of a lot of tiny moving parts. As the case with anything mechanical, they are eventually going to fail as well. Sediments can clog sprinkler heads, causing the water outflow to slow down. At County Irrigation, we thoroughly clean the sprinkler heads to allow maximum outflow without the wastage of water.

Valve Leaks

When your valve starts to leak, it is most likely that you will require a new one. As valves connect to both electricity as well as water, it is important to consult a professional landscaping and lawn sprinkler system repair company such as County Irrigation to help you out!

Broken Pipes

Even though it is difficult to break these robust PVC pipes, it is possible. As fixing a broken pipe requires a lot of digging along with special tools, it is best if you leave the professionals to deal with it. Repairing a broken sprinkler pipe firstly needs special cutters or a fine saw to cut away at the broken section, after which our experts use a primer, glue, and a slip fitting to piece it all together. It is very important that you do not try to fix these broken pipes yourself as soil might get inside the pipes to clog the system or the sprinkler heads.

Seasonal Lawn Sprinkler System Repair Solutions


In location which experiences mild climates, the only winter adjustments you will have to make is to turn off the sprinkler timer once the winter rain begins to falls. However, all those living in the colder climates will have to take appropriate steps in order to ensure that a hard freeze is not going to burst or damage the pipes, heads, or valves of their sprinkler system. County Irrigation takes all the necessary steps to ensure your sprinkler system is well prepared to face the cold spell.

Spring Startups

Spring is the absolute best time to get your sprinkler system thoroughly checked by professionals for maintenance before letting it run for all the other seasons. At County Irrigation, we review the spray patterns of all heads to ensure the sprinkler system is providing full coverage with no runoff. We also check for leaks or geysers in the landscapes and generally ensure that the system is working as it is supposed to work.

Why Choose Us for Your Lawn Sprinkler System Repair

Even though there are numerous different Lawn Sprinkler System Repair companies available at your service, it can become challenging to choose the correct one. There are some who charge a lot of the labor, while others might ask you to pay a hefty amount for replacing the parts. However, with County Irrigation at your service, you do not have to worry about anything!

No matter what kind of repairs you need, County Irrigation remains the best option for you! Our team will help you understand the issue at hand, and will guide you throughout the process.

At County Irrigation, we try our very best to warehouse parts for as many top brands, makes, and models to ensure our customers find what they are looking for. We understand how frustrating it becomes when a local Lawn Sprinkler System Repair service does not carry the particular brand in stock, which is why we make sure that we save you from this despair and provide everything you need at your doorstep. We do not use third party or incompatible parts to cause further damage, but rather help you maintain your sprinkler system by using 100% authentic parts. 

Whether you are looking for sprinkler repair services for commercial or residential purposes, we can help you out! Your landscape not only adds to the beauty of your property, but it also acts as a smart investment plan to boost the value of your property. Therefore, it is imperative to keep it green and growing.

Our team of maintenance specialists will:

  1. Inspect the lawn sprinklers quickly without damaging your landscape

  2. Discuss with you all your irrigation system repair needs that include all key landscape features

  3. Schedule service appointments as per your convenience

  4. Offer a precise estimate that fits your overall budget

Exceptional Lawn Sprinkler System Repair Service from the Beginning to the End

Over the past three years, we have been in service; County Irrigation has installed some of the most reliable and effective watering equipment. This is what we are known for, along with excellent customer care, close attention to detail, and dependable services. This is the winning combination that keeps clients coming back to keep their landscape flourishing for the years to come! We can move to Nassau County and will be available at your service as soon as an appointment is fixed!

Are You Ready for A Free Estimate?

If you want more information about the lawn sprinkler system repair service we have to offer or just want to discuss your plans along with parameters of your landscape with our team of experts, feel free to contact us. For the past three years, we have maintained a strong reputation as one of the premier lawn keep services!




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