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Garden Lighting Services

Uniondale NY

Garden lighting is an extremely important element of your overall skillfully planned beautiful landscape. We at County Irrigation can help to illuminate your landscape, hardscape, and various other design elements so that your residential or commercial property looks even better and beautiful at night. Low-maintenance security lighting has the power to transform a dark and mundane area into a safe and soothing space you and your loved ones or employees will enjoy all year round.


The team working with County Irrigation through our garden lighting service can install lighting to cast a stunning light over your garden landscaping. You can trust us to transform your walkways and entryways into gorgeous, secure areas that are also very warm and welcoming. Well-lit garden areas transform your house, and it becomes a less likely target for break-ins and other home or work-related crimes. The motion-triggered floodlights we use are there for you when you come inside your house, or when somebody is nearby. Light up and eradicate the “dark corners” of your garden or property with LED lighting technology, which takes everything to the next level and also increases the value of your property.

County Irrigation has everything you need to make your ideas come to life.

We can offer you:

  1. Column lights

  2. Low voltage (preferred for ground illumination and accents)

  3. Line lights

  4. 110v lighting (hardwired for security systems and area lighting)

  5. Step lights

  6. Spotlights

  7. Sconce-style lights

  8. Floodlights

  9. Dusk-to-dawn lights

And so much more!

What Is Included In Our Garden Sprinkler and Lighting Repair Service?

  1. Replacing the dim or burned out light-bulbs

  2. Repairing all broken switches, disconnected wiring, and burned-out transformers

  3. Cleaning all the lenses, mending, straightening and altering fixtures

  4. Re-angling fixtures based on the changes to the house and the landscape

  5. Trimming along with minor pruning around the shrubs, trees, as well as large plants that obstruct lighting

  6. Verifying the lighting timers along with dimmers that are set properly

  7. Swapping the non-operating control modules, timers, alongside photocells

  8. Installing extra light to improve the night time lighting around your property

The Importance of Maintaining Your Garden Lighting System

Professional installation is the very first important step when it comes to creating a beautiful landscape lighting system. Nonetheless, maintaining your garden lighting system investment is just as significant. Maintenance of a garden lighting system can also help to prevent expensive repairs in the future and also help to keep your system looking the very best. Maintaining Your Garden Lighting System also allows adjustments to be made to your system as your garden landscape matures.

The low-voltage lamps we at County Irrigation install usually have an average life of approximately 4,000 hours, which is equal to at least 12 to 18 months of your life. Nonetheless, there is no written assurance from the producer. Therefore, in order to make sure all of your garden lights are working properly, we at County Irrigation recommend a 100% bulb replacement every twelve months.

When a garden lamp burns out, it decreases the voltage draw on the Garden Lighting System and leads to the others to burn brighter than regular. This eventually causes successive burnouts. A maintenance program with County Irrigation is going to ensure that your Garden Lighting System is working correctly, looking at it best, and is going to help avoid costly and possibly dangerous dangers.

Does your Garden Lighting System need to be repaired or replaced? Give us a call today!

Why Use Our Garden Lighting Service?

Garden Lighting Enhances Entertainment

Garden lighting has the power to enhance the night-time entertainment of you and your family. These lights will provide the perfect environment for a romantic evening with your better half, or a warm and inviting environment for your loved ones. Garden lighting also accentuates as well as compliments any patio, deck, or pool. On top of this, County Irrigation offers its garden lighting service at a very affordable rate! The professionals working with us can increase your garden living environment with the use of the right lighting to bring perfect balance from your indoor space to the outdoors.

Curb Appeal Enhancement

Garden lighting beautifully enhances the gorgeousness of your house and also adds curb appeal. Garden lighting can be placed around the walkways and driveways of your house. These stunning garden lights can also be placed around plants to add the curb appeal to your home needs! Our landscape designers use garden lights to accent your house, helping it stand out noticeably. The curb appeal that you will receive through garden lights is also going to increase the overall value of your home.


Feeling safe and secure in your house is very important. The walk from your car to the front door should be well-lit up and extremely safe. Garden lighting can not only provide this but so much more! Garden lighting creates a safe pathway for you, your family, and any guests who come over to your place. These lights can also prevent thieves from breaking it, as proper lighting adds a sense of security and safety.

Exceptional Garden Lighting Service from the Beginning to the End

Over the past three years, we have been in service; County Irrigation has installed some of the most reliable and effective watering equipment. This is what we are known for, along with excellent customer care, close attention to detail, and dependable services. This is the winning combination that keeps clients coming back to keep their landscape flourishing for the years to come! We can move to Nassau County and will be available at your service as soon as an appointment is fixed!

Are You Ready for A Free Estimate?

If you want more information about the garden lighting service, we have to offer or just want to discuss your plans along with parameters of your landscape with our team of experts, feel free to contact us. For the past three years, we have maintained a strong reputation as one of the premier lawn keep services!

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